Welcome To Star Of The North Lutheran Church


Star of the North is located at 216 N. Forest Drive in Kenai Alaska
For 2014 our worship schedule is:
Sunday Mornings Worship at 11:00am
Children’s Sunday School and Adult Bible Study @ 9:30am
Wednesday Bible Study @ 10:00am
Wednesday Lenten Services with a meal @6pm followed by a brief worship service

March 19—Broken Trust Restored—Judas breaks his trust with Jesus by betraying him; our broken trust is restored through the sacrifice of Christ
March 26—Broken Bread Restored—Bread is broken at the last Supper: we are restored through the Bread of Life, Jesus
April 2—Broken Promises Restored—Peter’s broken promises to never deny Jesus are restored by the surpassing love of Christ.
April 9—Broken Justice Restored–A broken Justice system put Jesus on the cross; we are restored when by his death we are declared not guilty.
Palm Sunday– Broken Majesty Restored 11 am service
April 17 Maundy Thursday—Broken Sanctuary restored 7 pm service
April 18 Good Friday—Broken Curtain—Salvation Restored 7 pm service
April 20 Easter—Broken Seal—Life Restored 11 am service

Sack Lunch Sunday @ 1pm
We are serving sack lunches every Sunday. Please come and enjoy a meal. While supplies last. No strings attached.

If you would like to join our worship service via the internet just click on the following link  http://ustre.am/S5px    the service begins at 11am Sunday morning.

“Hang on a second- I have another call coming in.”
How many times have we heard that comment or made it ourselves? Or how many times have you been talking with someone when they reach in their pocket and grab their phone so that they can check out a text message that just came in? I know I have been guilty myself. Read more in April 2014 newsletter

Over the last couple of weeks I have been reflecting on several different things. The one thing that has really been impressed on me this last week is the Shema (Sh’ma — listen, or hear & do) found in Deuteronomy 6:4. See more in the March 2014 newsletter

It hardly seems possible that we should already be going into the month of February this year. The month of January was a month of reflection for me. I have been looking back over the last few years here at Star of the North thinking about what we have been able to accomplish. I have been thinking about the future for us as a church and for me on a personal level. One of my biggest concerns is that we do not get so caught up in taking care of ourselves that we forget to care about our communities. A few weeks ago during my reading I came across an article on prayer that suggested our prayers consist of three questions:

1. Lord, what do you want me to do?

2. Lord, how do you want me to do it?

3. Lord, when do you want me to do it?
Read more in February 2014 newsletter

On the last Sunday of 2013 we talked about how Christmas is not the end of Advent, or the aniticipation of Christ’s coming.  It is a beginning for Christians as we are being called to take the message of Christmas to the world.  Our closing hymn was, “Oh, That the Lord Would Guide My Ways”, and in verse #1 we ask for the grace to know and do his will.  Read more in the January 2014 newsletter 2

Star of the North Lutheran Church in Kenai has been serving the community for over 50 years. If you are looking for a place to worship we would encourage you to join us on Sunday morning for a traditional worship. If you are interested in Bible Study we have several different options. Please check out our worship and Bible Study schedule.

We are excited about sharing our faith in our local surroundings as well as partnering with other mission agencies to help share the Gospel of Jesus in Alaska and around the world.

Star of the North Lutheran Church
(907) 283-4153