News & Notes

Pastor Atkinson on Vacation
Pastor Atkinson will be on vacation from July 20th – August 5th. If you need pastoral care while he is gone, please call an elder.

Confession and Holy Eucharist
Pastor Atkinson is available for Private/Family Confession and distribution of the Holy Eucharist. If you desire these blessed gifts of God, please contact Pastor Atkinson.

Tithes and Offerings
You can still send your offerings to the church via mail, drop off, or Pastor can come to pick them up. You can also set up bill pay with your bank. All offerings sent to the church during the week will be presented to the Lord during the Divine Service the following Sunday.

Seward Mission
On the fourth Sunday of every month, Pastor Atkinson has been presiding over the Divine Service in Seward. Services have been canceled until further notice. Please keep the mission, and especially the people, in your prayers.

Sunday School Teachers Wanted
The Sunday School Committee is looking for volunteers to teach Sunday School. There will be three classes: Early Childhood (preschool to first grade), Elementary (first to sixth grade), and Youth (sixth to twelfth grade). If you might be interested, would like to look over the curriculum, or have questions about how you might be able to help, please talk to Pastor Atkinson.

Confirmation Classes
We have two individuals who will be learning about what we believe, teach, and confess as the Christian Church. If there is anyone else who would like to join the class or just learn more about what we believe, please let Pastor Atkinson know.